Why isn't my Google Sheet linking?

Created by Ben Finch, Modified on Sun, 20 Nov 2022 at 01:24 AM by Ben Finch

Sometimes, you might have browser settings that conflict with how OA2Gsheets work. This article explains how to hopefully fix those issues. 

1. Signed into different account on Chrome

Your chrome profile must match the one you are linking. 

2. Unblock cookies

If you have some software that is blocking cookies (including some AdBlockers or AntiVirus software), it may prevent OA2Gsheets from working properly. 

To fix:

Go to chrome://settings/cookies. Then, scroll down to "sites that can always use cookies", and click "add". Type "www.oa2gsheets.com" and check "include third-party cookies on this site". 

Reload & retry linking a Google Sheet.

3. Temporary fix: change sharing permissions

If the above fails, you will need to reach out to support, support@oa2gsheets.com. In the meantime, you can change the sharing permissions to allow OA2GSheets to access your spreadsheet without Google Authentication. 

To do this:

On the upper right hand of your spreadsheet, click "share". Then, under general access, click "restricted". Change that setting to "anyone with the link". Then, click "viewer" and change that setting to "editor.  This should fix the problem, but it's not ideal in case someone is able to get your link somehow. That's not a huge concern, but it is not 100% secure, if a search engine indexed your Google Sheet, for example. 

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