Term Definitions - Spreadsheet Columns & Product Dashboard

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  • Date: The current date in MM-DD-YYYY format.

  • ASIN: The Amazon Standard Identification Number; a unique alphanumeric code made for each item

  • Product Name: The name of the product as found on the Amazon Product page.

  • ROI: The return on investment (COGS ÷ Profit); represented as a percent. 

  • Sales Rank: The current rank of the item in its root category. If the item has no root category, this value will be -1.

  • Top %: The item's percentile of the root category (item's sales rank/highest rank in category). If the item has no root category, this value will be -1.

  • Category name: The name of the product's root category.

  • Notes: Any additional notes you would like to add.

  • Source URL: The URL referencing where you bought an item. 

  • COGS: Cost of Good Sold; how much an item cost to buy.

  • Price: The selling price of the item on Amazon.

  • Profit: Price - COGS - Total Fees; the amount you make after subtracting cost of goods & fees (including shipping, taxes, referral etc.)

  • Referral %: The percentage of the sale price Amazon takes; most commonly 15%

  • Referral Fee ($): Price * referral %; the dollar amount Amazon takes on the sale 

  • Shipping Fee: The cost of shipping; automatically populated with the FBA fee. For more details, see this article.

  • Other Fees: A field to allow you to input additional fees such as taxes or prep fees.

  • Total Fees: Referral Fee + Other Fees + Shipping Fee; does NOT include COGS.

  • Seller link: Hyperlink that brings you to Sellercentral to list the item

  • Gross Margin: Profit ÷ Price; represented as a percent. 

  • Seller Proceeds: Price - Total Fees or profit + COGS; the amount of money Amazon will send you  

  • Drops: The number of sales rank "drops", as recorded by Keepa, in the last 30|90|180 days.

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